Saturday, April 5, 2014

On the Go Fusion Snacks

On the Go Fusion SnacksIn my attempt to be healthier, I am reducing my gluten, wheat and sugar intake as it causes inflammation in our bodies and inflammation is the kiss of death for me! Also I am trying to eliminate all preservatives and colourants, which cuts out a HUGE amount of things that I can pop into my trolley!

So being on a restricted diet, it is really difficult to buy a quick and easy snack when I'm out and about (and starving) which is sadly more often than not. I usually have breakfast but lunch doesn't happen often, so by 3-4pm I'm a little ravenous! Usually I'd just buy a chocolate, wolf it and feel a bit sick and then have to deal with the sugar crash 10 minutes later, but if I'm avoiding chocs, there really isn't much out there. Woolies have started with some snacks but they are quite expensive, so I was very excited when I spotted this new pack in Clicks. The website is a year and a half old, so maybe I've just not seen these in store before.

I had a packet of peanuts and raisins in my hand when I discovered On the Go Fusion Snacks! I chose the "Trail Mix with a Zing" the "zing" was lemon pieces. It had raw nuts, seeds, dried bananas, sultanas and a whole lot more. It also only had one preservative in it (sulphur dioxide, presumably from the sultanas, so not suitable for kids under 4 years, it does state this on the pack). It was delicious. I bought the 50g pack but there is also a larger, re-sealable 100g pack available. I didn't buy that one because let's face it, when you've skipped lunch and you're ready to chew through your arm, that seal is never going to be used!!

I'm not sure if all variants are gluten-free but I would assume so. Check out their website for more info: On the Go Fusion Snacks

On the Go Fusion Snacks are aimed at sports people who need an extra boost, but quite honestly they should have a pack aimed at exhausted working moms too!!

These don't come cheap at R10,50 for a 50g but as I said before, there is a gap in this section of the market, so they are at a premium. Great for a healthy lunchbox treat!