Friday, February 7, 2014


I have always battled tremendously with my 2 daughters' fine hair. It seems to mat into clumps overnight like wet Saint Bernard fur and no amount of brushing seems to keep it looking good. We have resorted to once-a-week marathon brushing sessions which literally take 1½ hours to get both girls' hair under control, while they watch a movie and my arm breaks off!

I bought a hair bean which has helped with the screaming of  "ow ow OWWW"  every morning but eventually I found Eco.Kid Daily Tonic.

It is in a great easy-to-use spray and doesn't work like other leave-in conditioners which make their hair dull and oily. It has a bit of a weird smell which the kids don't seem to mind but apparently a nifty side-effect is that lice don't like the smell, so the little pests tend not to attach to hair smelling like this product (told you it smelled weird!)

It is organic and has green-friendly, organic certificates to their credit.  Their website states that it is 82% organic which seems a bit weird - what is the other 18%?

Unfortunately I paid the hefty fee of R230 for this product at the kiddy hairdresser that we go to. I have priced it elsewhere and the pricing seems to be the same wherever I look, so shopping around doesn't seem to help.

It is imported from Australia along with a range of other hair care and body products, bubble baths etc I get really grumpy that we have to pay more to reduce the chemicals we ingest through our skin, what about people who can't afford to make these changes?

HAIR PRODUCTS - Earthsap Conditioner

I was strolling down the aisles at Pick n Pay, remembering that I had run out of my fancy shmancy conditioner. Now my hair is tinted, very fine and knots easily, so I don't just go changing my brand of conditioner, so I thought I'd just buy a cheapie to use once or twice before I get to the hairdresser.

Imagine my surprise when I stumbled upon Earthsap. 

It is biodegradable (yay, it's even good for the environment - added bonus because I'm a greenie at heart!) and it is natural, non-toxic and fee from harmful chemicals!

Earthsap have an entire range of non-toxic products from washing powder to toothpaste to detergents, sounds fabulous right?


It is almost impossible to find Earthsap products! I have contacted the company with no response at all. From the look of their website, they have no idea about technology (it actually has places that state "add text here" probably from the website developer!!) 

As a marketing person this drives me CRAZY!!!! There is so much potential for this product and their entire range but nobody knows about it. I have only tried the conditioner because it was at Pick n Pay and they have been out of the shampoo for almost 4 weeks. You can purchase the products on line but what a mission and the prices are higher which makes no sense at all.

I would LOVE to get hold of this brand and help promote it, I have offered my services free of charge to the company and I have had no response! I really think that they just don't check their emails and there are no phone numbers. CRM (customer relationship management) is sadly lacking.

Anyway as bad as their marketing is, their conditioner is really great and while I usually spend a fortune on conditioner, this retails for only R40 because it's made locally in South Africa!

Great purchase!